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W. Caleb Fore, CFP®

Wealth Advisor and Lead Planner

Caleb’s interest in the world of finance began when he was young and continued into his adolescence and early adulthood. Whether it was to invest, barter or trade – Caleb would find any opportunity to have his money work for him. Once he entered college and began to study finance, investments, and economics in-depth, Caleb truly gained an appreciation for the potential that careful diligent planning can have on a financial future given enough time. Graduating Cum Laude from Murray State University with a bachelor’s in Finance, he began to pursue this dream in a tangible way.

Eventually working as part of a team at Thrivent Financial, Caleb completed his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification and was working closely with clients on their financial plans and investments. His faith, experience of his co-workers, and the business vision of Thrivent shaped his philosophy on how to consider personal wealth. Today, Caleb sees money as a tool we must steward to help others thrive, and make a significant and lasting impact on the community and world around us.

In his words, “Educating others not only on the nuances of investment and financial planning in its practicality, but also helping to shape their philosophy of money, is a rewarding process to engage in with clients.”

Caleb is very active in his local church, loves spending time with his wife and two boys, and enjoys a variety of hobbies including 3D modeling and miniature painting.