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Q&A Discussion with Keel Point and HudsonAlpha on April 30, 2020

Keel Point

April 24, 2020
As part of our Q&A conference calls, Keel Point will be hosting its next call on Thursday, April 30th at 10:00/11:00 CDT/EDT. Most of the content of our calls recently has been related to the economic and financial market impact of the COVID-19 virus.  For the call next week, we are excited to have special guests Dr. Neil Lamb, VP of Educational Outreach, and Dr. Jian Han, Faculty Investigator, from HudsonAlpha’s Institute for Biotechnology.  These two gentlemen will be addressing several top-of-mind questions related to the science of the virus, topics such as mass testing, antibodies, models, and life after quarantine.  Keel Point’s Chief Economic Advisor, Dr. Steve Skancke, will also be a part of this call to continue to shed some light into the economic data that we are continuously wading through.
We are so grateful that Dr. Lamb and Dr. Han have made themselves available for this call.  They are doing amazing work at HudsonAlpha directly related to the COVID-19 virus.  For those of you not familiar with HudsonAlpha, located in Huntsville, AL, HudsonAlpha is the brainchild of founders James R. Hudson, Jr. and Lonnie S. McMillian. Each is a serial entrepreneur whose career path led him to understand the promise of genomics and who possessed the drive to translate this promise into measurable, real world results. The announcement of the creation of the nonprofit Institute came in 2005, and the doors opened in 2008. Lonnie McMillian’s incredible generosity, along with the State of Alabama, provided the funding needed to make the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology a reality.  Drawing on their experience and envisioning a course for the future, Hudson and McMillian recognized that four ingredients are essential for improving human health and well-being: education, research-driven discovery, clinical care, and entrepreneurship. HudsonAlpha unites these four endeavors into a single enterprise. Since the Institute’s 2008 opening, HudsonAlpha has generated major discoveries that impact disease diagnosis and treatment, created intellectual property, created a clinical genomic medicine program, fostered biotechnology companies, and expanded the number of biosciences-literate people, many of whom will be the future workforce.

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