Family Office Team

We work with families with substantial, multi-generational wealth who require a more sophisticated approach to managing the complexity of their wealth and family dynamics – by helping you harness your wealth to live with peace and purpose

Individualized Attention

We understand no two families are alike. Our skilled Family Wealth Directors are experienced in assessing the specific needs of each client family, designing personalized plans, and implementing solutions to help you reach your unique goals.

Explore some of the ways in which we support our client families below.

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Sophisticated Planning

The surviving spouse of a multi-generational wealthy family sought to find meaningful ways to tax efficiently transfer wealth to the next generations.

  • We performed a detailed estate planning analysis including a financial and tax analysis of the most effective ways to reduce estate tax including comparison of Testamentary Charitable Lead Trusts versus lifetime gifting.
  • We implemented a lifetime, noncharitable gifting plan to remove assets from the estate and take advantage of paying gift taxes versus estate taxes. We also implemented several “asset freeze” transactions.
  • Finally, we provided detailed and complex Generation Skipping Transfer Tax planning to help protect and preserve the family wealth for generations to come.
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Philanthropic Guidance

A family wanted to explore the best options for giving a significant share of their estate to charity.

  • We guided the family governing body toward a decision on long-term charitable giving coupled with an analysis of the best / most tax efficient mechanisms to give charitably including a detailed analysis of alternatives.
  • We performed an ongoing analysis of whether it’s preferable to make charitable gifts from individual family members versus using irrevocable trusts for their benefit.
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Family Governance

The matriarch of a multi-generational wealthy family wanted to ensure her core vision and values were clearly articulated and embodied by future generations.

  • Through interviews with family members, we codified the family’s vision and values and identified areas of disconnect and gaps in understanding.
  • We helped the family understand various charitable structures such as private foundations, operating/non-operating entities, supporting organizations, or other 501(c)(3) organizations.
  • We developed an age-appropriate communications plan and led a series of family meetings to effectively translate the family vision into actionable guidelines.
  • We determined three-year family learning goals and devised a follow-up plan for tracking progress.

A Collaborative, Team-Based Approach

We bring together resources from our exceptional and talented Family Office team, ensuring innovative solutions for our clients. Your dedicated team oversees Keel Point Family Office services and collaborates with your outside advisors as needed.

Diagram illustratating Keel Points Family Office Team


We bring together the resources from across Keel Point to ensure you always receive the best thinking of the firm. Your dedicated team oversees all Keel Point services and collaborates with your outside advisors as needed.

Wealth Design

  • Produce your customized Family Office Pro Forma
  • Draft your Personal Keel Point
  • Review estate documents to determine necessary changes in light of your Personal Keel Point
  • Diagram current estate plan
  • Design and implement revised estate plan
  • Transaction advice and succession planning

Estate Settlement

  • Coordinate work between the other professional teams
  • Facilitate the process of obtaining valuations of assets
  • Advocate for you during this process
  • Engage the team in recommendations of estate settlement decisions
  • Manage the process of distribution of assets including basis information
  • Facilitate the filing of required tax returns


  • Design and implement an investment family limited partnership
  • Review investments and entities; identify where investment strategies are not integrated
  • Design and implement optimal integration from an investment, tax efficiency, and family’s goals perspective

Lifestyle & Daily Money Management

  • Gather expense data and analyze monthly budget to actual expenses
  • Prepare monthly reporting on budget variances, cash flow, and net worth
  • Cash Management Services
    • Conduct cash flow analysis
    • Develop and implement a plan to meet cash flow needs

Tax Services

  • Overall tax coordination with tax accounting, including tax projections and analyses
  • Work with accounting firm to identify planning opportunities
  • Inform accounting firm of actions which impact income tax filings, i.e., charitable contributions, purchases, and sales, etc.
  • Determine liquidity and process estimated tax payments
  • Facilitate the filing of income tax returns

Trust Administration Services

  • Perform search for trust company that best serves the family’s needs
  • Determine the liquidity requirements for the trust
  • Develop and implement a plan to meet the distribution requirements
  • Facilitate tax planning process

Family Education, Coaching & Mentoring

  • Counsel on family matters
  • Conduct individual interviews with family members
  • Determine three-year family learning goals
  • Develop and implement curriculum to meet goals
  • Develop an age-appropriate communication plan within the family
  • Plan and lead family meetings
  • Encourage and moderate family philanthropic discussions

Philanthropic Services

  • Assist in determining best charitable vehicle to utilize
  • Develop family philanthropic vision statement
  • Facilitate annual meetings
  • Facilitate annual Form 990 tax filings
  • Develop and implement process for making required distributions
  • Work with charities on required information regarding gifting, including foreign charities
  • Provide donor due diligence for grant requests
  • Provide oversight on grants made
  • Track grant requests, maintain giving history and pledge fulfillment

Insurance Services

  • Review of life insurance coverage
    • Determine adequate life insurance coverage
    • Identify and address any issues with the life insurance policy
    • Is it owned by an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT)? Should it be owned by an ILIT?
    • Plan and implement premium payment plan
    • Facilitate Crummey power notices
  • Review property and casualty, auto, home, and umbrella policies to determine if adequate coverage
    • Inform professionals of changes that impact coverage
  • Health, disability, long-term care review and advice
  • Assist in administering medical and insurance convenience account

Private Investments

  • Review current private investments including historical activity, tax basis, future cash impact, estimated value, etc.
  • Provide counsel and advice as necessary related to troubled private investments
  • Determine allocation for additional private investments
  • Perform due diligence and recommendation on specific offer to invest in private deal
  • Unique asset services including airplanes, private art collections and historic collections, non-primary residences, horse farms, etc.

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