Asset Management

Experience Our Difference

• Opportunity to “coinvest” in purpose-built investments we’ve created for clients

• In-depth due diligence of managers, vehicles, and strategies using proprietary and external sources of research and analysis

• Aligning our capital with other market partners

Our Strategies

Pooled private vehicles built to replace client allocations to large multi-strategy funds by creating diversified one-stop investment structures that consolidate smaller, more nimble strategies alongside larger funds. The pooled funds provide lower investment minimums than direct investments. Strategies include:

  • Global Macro: Invests in trading strategies that are uncorrelated with each other as well as traditional asset classes. Focused on generating positive returns commensurate with or exceeding the returns of US government and investment grade bonds.
  • Quantitative Equity: Designed to take advantage of the edge that managers who employ algorithmic trading strategies have as technology improves in computing, AI and machine learning. Focused on generating positive returns commensurate with or exceeding those of a traditional asset allocation strategy invested 60% in global equities and 40% in fixed income.

Hedge funds are selected for their strategy uniqueness and alpha generating ability as well as their correlations with other holdings. Selected fund risks are carefully assessed by applying a multi-level in-depth due diligence process that includes both quantitative and qualitative measures.

Our options strategies were built to fill our clients’ desires for income, protection, and upside market leverage that were often inefficiently served by utilizing equity-linked structured products. We employ sophisticated and dynamic option trading strategies to achieve these goals. Strategies include:

  • Convexity Funds: Takes advantage of dynamics along the term structure of the volatility surface to generate income that is deployed either to generate additional upside participation or downside protection with a goal of achieving long term returns commensurate with or exceeding the returns of the S&P 500 Index.
  • Yield Enhancement: Generates additional income on top of a portfolio by selling risk-defined protection to market participants expressed in the options market.

Our tactical allocation strategies were built in response to our clients’ need for a portion of the portfolio to be more responsive to changes in the macroeconomic and market environment than the traditional strategic allocation. Strategies include:

  • Tactical Alpha Fund: This strategy employs quantitative and discretionary trading strategies that respond to macroeconomic and technical data to take directional positions in futures, ETFs and options to generate returns commensurate with or exceeding those of a traditional asset allocation strategy invested 60% in global equities and 40% in fixed income with a focus on outperforming in stress markets.
  • Keel Point Tactical: This strategy employes a relative trend trading model alongside a discretionary macro trading strategy to take directional positions in ETFs and cash. It seeks to earn returns commensurate with or exceeding those of a traditional asset allocation strategy invested 60% in global equities and 40% in fixed income .

Our “vintage” private equity and debt investments are built to allow our clients to diversify their portfolio of publicly traded securities by investing in a series of pooled private investment opportunities designed to work synergistically with one another while capitalizing on the market opportunities presented that year.

Consulting Services

Alternative Investment Due Diligence

  • Utilize our team of investment professionals to recommend and evaluate alternative investment opportunities

  • Outsource the ongoing monitoring responsibilities for alternative investments

Faith & Values Based Investment Research

  • Respond to the growing desire from clients to align their investments with their values

  • Leverage our internal capabilities related to sourcing and evaluating investments, strategies and products that help clients achieve this goal

Aggregated Reporting & Risk Analysis

  • Generate operational scale from our technology platform for reporting and analytics

  • Gain insights into portfolio allocations and repositioning more efficiently using out institutional knowledge and processes

Staff Extension

  • Augment your existing investment team by partnering with us in a cost-effective way that is tailored to your firm

  • Access professionals with different areas of expertise and targeted investment services through an ala carte white label services relationship

Outsourced Investment Team

  • Benefit from the full range of our team’s due diligence, research, model construction and portfolio management capabilities

  • Deliver institutional quality investment management to your clients at a fraction of the cost of hiring investment professionals

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Get to know our experienced team of tenured investment professionals

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