Keel Point Horizon Service Offerings

Keel Point Horizon was designed especially for clients with substantial, multi-generational wealth.

Meaningful Impact. Multiple Generations.

Keel Point Horizon was designed especially for clients with substantial, multi-generational wealth. Because of their often complex needs, our skilled financial advisors are experienced in assessing specific needs, designing personalized plans, and implementing solutions to help them reach their goals year after year.

Service Offerings

Below, you’ll find a partial list of the wealth management services we provide at Keel Point. We understand every client’s needs and opportunities are unique, so we’ve assembled a diverse team of experts and partners to deliver the service that serves you most.

Wealth Design Service

Wealth design services allow us to help clients create their customized Family Office Pro Forma and draft their Personal Keel Point. We are also able to review estate documents, review estate plans, or design and implement a revised estate plan. And at any time, our financial advisors provide transaction and succession planning advice. 


We can help clients make sense of their investments and best utilize the strategies that will help them meet their goals. We’ll review investments and entities; identify holes in current investment strategies; and design and implement optimal integration from an investment, tax efficiency, and family goals perspective. 

Tax Services

To better help our clients we gladly work with accounting firms to identify planning opportunities; inform them of actions, like charitable contributions and purchases and sales, that impact tax filings; and facilitate income tax return filings. Likewise, we can determine liquidity and process estimated tax payments. 

Family Education, Coaching & Mentoring

We take educating our clients and their families very seriously. With the proper education and guidance, they’ll be able to make the most impactful choices for today and beyond. So we provide comprehensive educational services that include helping clients to set three-year family learning goals and developing and implementing a curriculum to meet those goals. If needed, we can plan and lead family meetings. There are also options for family philanthropic discussions and age-appropriate communication plans.

Insurance Services

Having adequate insurance protection is imperative in all facets of life.  Our advisors work with clients to review life, property and casualty, auto, home, and umbrella policies to determine if there is proper coverage.  We also provide guidance on health, disability, and long term care. We’ll identify each client’s unique and specific needs and work to make sure they have the most comprehensively viable coverage.

Estate Settlement Services

Settling an estate can be both devastating and confusing. Our estate settlement services are designed to help clients navigate the process with minimum disruption and intrusion. We can assist in coordinating other professional teams; orchestrate the process of asset valuation; manage the distribution of assets; and facilitate tax return filings. At every step, we are advocates for our clients.  

Lifestyle Management

When clients need a hand in monitoring lifestyle-related expenses, we provide the tools they need to see a clear and accurate picture.  Our range of services include gathering expense data and analyzing monthly budgets; preparing monthly reporting on budget variances, cash flow, and net worth; and cash management like cash flow analysis and planning to meet cash flow needs.

Trust Administration Services

We can do the heavy lifting when it comes to researching and securing a trust company to best meet the needs of your family. In addition to fulfilling the trust search, we are able to determine liquidity requirements for a specific trust; develop and implement a distribution plan that meets requirements; and facilitate the tax planning process. Our services are customized and thorough.

Philanthropic Services

Philanthropic interests require the same attention and intention as other wealth-based decisions. For that reason, we work with clients to develop family philanthropic vision statements that chart their giving for years in advance. We also work with charities on information required for gifting. Other services include facilitating annual meetings and annual Form 990 tax filings; due diligence for grant requests; oversight on grants; and tracking grant requests to maintain giving history and pledge fulfillment.

Private Investments

We will work alongside clients to review current private investments, provide counsel and advice regarding troubled private investments; and determine allocations for additional private investments. In addition, we offer advisement regarding airplanes, private art collections, additional residences, horse farms, and other unique assets.  

Strategic Relationships

At Keel Point, our goal is to provide clients with comprehensive wealth management services. To reach that goal, we routinely partner with a network of hand-selected strategic partners whose integrity, expertise, and quality have been researched and thoroughly tested. We only trust the best to help our clients.

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