Horizon Family Office

From wealth management to guidance on giving, we help clients prepare for what is happening now and what they hope to achieve later.

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Horizon Family Office

Keel Point Horizon is for families with substantial, multi-generational wealth in need of a more sophisticated approach to managing the complexity of their wealth and family dynamic. We provide educated counsel, unwavering capability, and highly personal service to help our clients leave a lasting legacy.

Service Offerings

Keel Point Horizon was designed especially for clients with substantial, multi-generational wealth. Because of their complex needs, our skilled wealth management team is experienced in assessing specific wishes, designing personalized plans, and implementing solutions to help them reach their mission, vision, values and goals.

Strategic Relationships

The Keel Point Family Office team’s goal is to provide clients with comprehensive wealth management services. To reach that goal, we routinely partner with a network of hand-selected strategic partners whose integrity and expertise have been researched and thoroughly tested. We only trust the best to help our clients.

Generational Planning

Significant wealth requires a shared vision to unite generations and direct financial and non-financial decisions. We guide our Horizon families through a collaborative and transformational process that builds clarity and consensus around their unique challenges, opportunities, and intentions. With this vision in place, we then help families design and drive a unique plan of their own.

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Investment Management

Managing a substantial investment portfolio requires a sophisticated, hands-on approach, one that protects principal yet also capitalizes on opportunities for growth in a way that makes sense for each family. Keel Point Horizon will create a unique, world-class investment strategy and continually monitor performance, recalibrating along the way as circumstances dictate.

  • Driven by client mission, vision, values, and goals
  • Substantial depth of knowledge and leveraged thinking
  • Global perspective
  • Diversification through use of public, private, traditional and alternative investments
  • Tactical recognition of current investment environment
  • Team-based investment process
  • Investment portfolios reflect client character and realities

Understand client mission, vision, values and goals.

Confirm Client

  • Objectives
  • Desired experience
  • Expectations

 Global Perspective

Define Expectations

  • Return
  • Risk
  • Correlations


Market Scenario Evaluations

  • Potential Outcomes
  • Opportunities
  • Risks
  • Downside Avoidance
  • Reflect changes in life and outlook
  • Consider economic and market dynamics
  • Re-evaluate managers and strategies

Wealth Planning

Multi-generational wealth demands capabilities to ensure that all generations are well-served throughout the design process. Keel Point Horizon offers both the depth and breadth of experience to make certain that the many facets of a family’s worth are thoughtfully considered, and that every plan and action is aligned with the family’s purpose.

Guidance on Giving

Giving to people, organizations and issues that are near and dear to one’s heart can reap a return well in excess of the money invested. Keel Point can help create new giving platforms, paired with existing opportunities, aligning with a family’s intentions to realize the most meaningful impact.

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Family Management Services

Significant wealth often means the need for a variety of personalized, specialty services—from the management of non-cash assets to next generation education and mentoring. The Keel Point Horizon Family Office offers a wide range of financial and non-financial capabilities tailored to meet a family’s unique needs across multiple generations.

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To be thriving in the here and now isn’t enough. We have to look to our client’s future needs and opportunities.

Robert Mayes

CEO, Keel Point

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We live our values in our families, our communities, and in our workplace where we lead and mentor. We help clients do the same in their worlds.

David Parks

Founder, Keel Point

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The Keel Point team of financial advisors has the most comprehensive tools for investment management, generational wealth management, wealth planning and retirement planning right at their fingertips. Keel Point’s financial advisors match with clients to design and implement the services best suited for their lifestyles now and in the future.

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