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Charles Robinson

Senior Wealth Advisor

For many years Chuck served as a Special Advisor to the Retirement Income Industry Association where he chaired the Education Committee that created the first examination to certify the Retirement Management Advisor (“RMA”) designation.  In the March 2007 edition of the The Journal of Financial Planning (the “Journal”), Chuck authored an article explaining his process for creating a retirement income distribution plan.  His article was subsequently awarded the “Editor’s Choice Award” as one of the best articles appearing in the Journal that year.  Chuck submitted and received a patent for this process shortly thereafter.

The Certified Financial Planner Board (“CFP Board”) recognized Chuck’s role in the financial planning industry by appointing him to a 4-year term on the CFP Board where he also served as the Chair of the Disciplinary and Ethics Committee.  As a Senior Executive at three different Fortune 100 Companies, Chuck has been responsible for selecting the investment advisors on each company’s platform and for developing individual client focused investment models and strategies. As a result, he has frequently been invited to speak at national trade association conferences, as well as being asked to chair panel discussions on investment strategy.  Chuck has also played a leading role in the development of training materials and techniques used to educate advisors on the process for developing a retirement plan.

Although a seasoned Senior Executive, Chuck loves working one on one with individual clients to help them develop a viable and tax efficient Retirement Income Distribution Plan.  He treats each client as though they were a member of his family and regards it as an honor and privilege to help his clients work towards achieving financial security in retirement.