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Describe your experience managing institutional portfolios.

Since 2011 Keel Point has helped institutions manage their portfolios. Our service offering includes everything from day-to-day investment management to asset/liability modeling, and legacy private investment sale negotiations.

The Investment Team manages approximately $400m on behalf of endowment, foundations, and pensions via our Outsourced CIO (“OCIO”) program. Additionally, the team consults on approximately $900m for family offices and RIAs.

What is your investment philosophy?

Investment results follow robust risk management. Investment Team members first help clients set a risk target for their portfolio. They then build a portfolio that aligns with this risk target using building blocks: an equity sleeve, fixed income sleeve, defensive alternative sleeve, and tactical sleeve.

Each sleeve is constructed by evaluating the full universe of investable options and filtering down to optimal asset class and strategy selections based on proprietary analytics that clarify risk and return drivers.

Together the sleeves are expected to deliver benchmark risk, which the Institutional Team tests multiple ways (volatility, drawdown, frequency, and magnitude of loss), while each individual sleeve has characteristics that we believe may deliver outperformance in different market environments. The team adds private investment strategies for clients that are willing to trade liquidity for the opportunity to earn higher returns.

If the risk target is paramount how do I get that decision right?

The Investment Team built a package that shows you what your risk target means. Graphical illustrations show you the returns that level of risk has delivered a) over the long-term, b) in shorter periods that may coincide with your spending rules for instance, and c) in specific market environments (e.g. recessions or interest rate spikes). These may clarify how the investment portfolio might perform while you face stress in other parts of your business.

Keel Point follows an evaluation of the past with a discussion of how the future may be different (e.g. today’s lower interest rate environment). Thus a risk target is decided on with full historical context and thoughtful consideration of the future.

What is your view on active vs. passive investing and the active manager selection process?

Keel Point allocates to active managers if we believe stock selection can be impactful. For example, the dispersion between the top 25% and bottom 25% of emerging market equity managers is significant which indicates to us we can add value with a manager selection process.

The Investment Team applies processes tested in academia to identify managers most likely to outperform: ours begins by filtering the universe down with statistical tools to managers that have demonstrated unique skill and concludes with a decision to hire or not based on qualitative analysis of that curated list.

Managers are monitored the same way and will be fired if we see the unique skill indicators diminish or they make changes that fail our qualitative criteria. If the opportunity for stock selection to add value isn’t there we pivot to own low-cost broad market exposure through ETFs.

Describe your experience with alternative investments.

Alternative investing dates back to the origins of the firm. The Investment Team offers a range of strategies: a structured notes program that overlays optionality onto an equity portfolio, hedge fund strategies that operate in quantitative equity and global macro spaces, and private investments from equity to debt. The key to using these strategies to your advantage is understanding their risks, particularly their correlation with public equity and fixed income markets.

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Since 2011 Keel Point has helped institutions manage their portfolios.

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