Keel Point Institutional Advisory

We provide institutional clients with the guidance needed to be smart with their assets and persistent in their mission.


Your organization has goals, and our implementation strategies help you reach them. Our formula for successful portfolio implementation is a combination of research on optimal asset and manager allocation strategies and a diversified offering of alternative investments that supports the organization’s overall mission.

Investment Management

Our team is committed to finding creative solutions to your organization’s challenges.  We work as close advisors to your management team, making communication a priority. In this capacity, we provide due diligence, oversight in negotiations, investment monitoring, and board service.

Strategic Portfolio Management

We work closely with your management team to define a portfolio objective aligned with your risk tolerance and any other constraints facing your organization. Our priority is to keep our clients’ portfolios strong. So whether that calls for asset allocation, sales, redemptions, or strategic restructuring, we are positioned to make the best, most informed decisions on your behalf.

Institutional Partnerships

Through our institutional partnerships, we help clients set, meet, and advance their company goals. From development to implementation, we create custom solutions that meet the standards of their strategic plans.

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Whether you need to set shorter-term financial goals or require more extensive life and wealth management planning, we can help. Contact us to learn more.

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The Keel Point team of financial advisors has the most comprehensive tools for investment management, generational wealth management, wealth planning and retirement planning right at their fingertips. Keel Point’s financial advisors match with clients to design and implement the services best suited for their lifestyles now and in the future.

Our Keel Point Locations

The Keel Point wealth management advisors are positioned at eight convenient locations to serve clients throughout the United States.